Where Should You Buy Your New Property?
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Where Should You Buy Your New Property? Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Property

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, there are many factors to take into consideration when beginning your search. Other than the number of rooms or layout you are looking for, location is quite possibly the most important variable in the equation to finding the perfect home for you and your family. Choosing a location is a very personal decision and there are a number of things to consider.

First to consider is the neighborhood. As with any city, each neighborhood has its own character and amenities. Do some research on the various neighborhoods that Jerusalem has to offer and decide which one best suits your needs. Consider the location of the neighborhood in respect to your place of work, family members, and any other important places to your family. Also consider the kind of neighborhood you want to live in: is it primarily Anglo? Does it have more of a city or suburban feel? Is it religious?

For families with kids, being in a specific school zone can be a high priority. Your agent will be able to point you in the right direction of what schools are in the area you’re looking at. Take a look at Google Maps and Waze to see how far of a drive or walk the commute to and from the school will be. Similarly, regardless of whether you drive, take public transportation, or walk, getting around is an important consideration for any purchase. Taking the time to check your daily commute or how easy it is to get to local shops on Google Maps is an important step - it might not be a critical part of your decision, but it can highlight potential issues that would be difficult to fix once you’ve bought.

Finally, consider the amount of space you will need. Different neighborhoods offer different layouts of homes that may or may not be suitable for your needs. Consider the following factors when choosing how much space you need in your home: Will you have (more) children? Will you want space for a home office or studio? Do you like to host parties? Will you want outdoor space/ garden for entertaining or a pet? You may want to have guests stay over or host large meals. Storage may also be a consideration as you may want to store certain seasonal items out of the way. For many, a sukkah balcony large enough for your family or entertaining is crucial in the decision making process.

It is worthwhile to discuss the above points with your family as well as with your agent during the process of finding your new home. As always, it is crucial to choose a qualified and educated agent who can answer all of your questions and offer some more food for thought.