Festivals and Events in Jerusalem

Festivals & Events

There's a lot going on in Jerusalem at all times of the year, making it a great place to live!

Chutzot HaYotzer

The Chutzot HaYotzer Arts and Crafts fair is one that celebrates craftmanship and design in Jerusalem, with many artists, designers and makers showing off their wares to the large crowds that gather.

As part of the festival, and partly to draw additional people to the event to see the products on offer, there’s a live band, usually with a big (locally at least) name performer each night. The Fair is held at Sultan’s Pool - see also our post on Live Music Venues in Jerusalem.

Indie City

Indie City is an annual music festival that celebrates Indie Music on the streets of downtown Jerusalem.

For a week in October, various stages are set up in the city center and artists play to the gathered crowds for free. It’s a great vibe, and an excellent place to find your new favourite band!

See Indie City's Facebook Page.

Jerusalem Film Festival

Held annually at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, the event is one of the highlights of the film calendar in Israel and has seen luminaries such as Quintin Tarantino make their way to Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Film Festival will be held July 21-31 2022.

The Jerusalem Light Festival

The Jerusalem Light Festival is held annually in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Artists fill the streets with a dazzling (pun intended) array of light installations and creations - well worth checking out.

Jerusalem Marathon

Known as one of the harder marathons on the circuit due to the hilly nature of the city, the Jerusalem Marathon is a hugely popular event with locals as well as tourists.

In 2022 the Jerusalem Marathon will be held on Friday 25th of March, 2022. 

Shaon Horef

Usually held in February time, this festival sees the city take over 4 neighbourhoods on each Monday evening of the month, with live music and fun events and activities being held.

The Israel Museum Wine Festival

In the sculpture garden of the Israel Museum, once a year, the wine lovers of jerusalem gather for the Jerusalem Wine Festival.

Though most people come for the wine, in the last few years, there’s been a stage with a live band performing on each of the five nights that the festival runs for. If you’re looking for a party, Thursday night is probably your best bet. 

The Old City Music Festival

Once a year, the streets of the Old City are closed for a week as the Old City Music Festival comes to town.

Stages and performers litter the streets, with each corner revealing a new surprise or band in the middle of a set.

This event is generally held around Passover time (usually a few weeks before). 

Yom HaStudent/Laila Lavan

Once a year, thousands of students (and others) descend onto Gan Sacher for a huge concert organised by the student union. It’s a day celebrated around the country, with Tel Aviv also being known as a great destination, with live music spots all over the place.

Typically the concert in Gan Sacher goes well into the night, with multiple bands taking the stage over the course of the evening.

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