Arnona Neighborhood Guide


Arnona is a beautiful, green, up-and-coming neighbourhood near Baka and Talpiyot.

There are some great opportunities to buy properties here, including off plan apartments that are available in upcoming TAMA 38 projects.

Anglos have tended to focus on specific areas of Jerusalem when it comes to buying or renting somewhere to live, with many preferring to pay a higher price and live in the centre of those areas rather than finding somewhere further out.

However, in recent years we've seen a big uptake in English speakers looking to buy or rent in the Arnona  neighbourhood.

"A very green feel..."

Arnona is a beautiful neighbourhood, with a very 'green' feel in that there seem to be more trees and bushes planted along the streets than you'd find in other areas of Jerusalem.

Another fantastic benefit to the neighbourhood is that many of the roads found within are quite wide which alleviates the claustrophobic feel that you can get in other areas of the city - the narrow alleyways of Nachlaot being a prime example.

As with many of Jerusalem's outer neighbourhoods, Arnona is mainly residential, with a few neighbourhood convenience stores dotted around.

Arnona: The Home of the US Embassy

It is however very close to the Talpiot neighbourhood which has multiple large supermarket outlets, several malls and various other useful stores.

This in combination with the fact that the neighbhourhood is further on the outskirts (so you don't get a lot of cars driving through the neighbourhood to get somewhere else) does mean that Arnona's streets tend to be fairly quiet, which is a great plus.

The neighbourhood also is home to the US Embassy which was moved to Jerusalem in 2018.

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