Sell your Jerusalem Property

CapitIL Real Estate Agency has many years experience of selling property and homes in Jerusalem, so you’re in good hands.

We also have a number of buyers that don’t want it to be known that their apartment is on the market - CapitIL has an excellent track record of discreet marketing of these properties for sale.

Carry on reading to find out more about our process.

How do we go about Selling your Property?

As agents, our job is to help you sell your home. We do that via a number of different avenues:

  • CapitIL already has a list of customers looking to purchase property in Jerusalem which we have developed as part of us being a real estate agency. Our first port of call will be to see if any of our existing clients are suitable for your property.
  • We also have an extensive network of connections with other real estate agents that work in Jerusalem. This enables us to promote your property directly to these agents who in turn have their own list of buyers and investors that they can bring to purchase your home.
  • Our agency is a member of the Jerusalem Multiple List Service - Shiran, which allow us to promote your property in ways not accessible to the general public.
  • CapitIL also likes to take a proactive approach to marketing. In addition to the steps above, we prepare and distribute marketing materials based on a plan that has been customised for your situation. 
  • It goes without saying (unless you are looking for a discreet sale, see below) that your property will have a For Sale listing on our website. In preparation for that
    • On one of our visits we will record all the relevant information that we need to create the listing, making note of the attributes that we know from experience will help your property to sell.
    • We may bring our photographer to take photos with a professional camera (not an iPhone!)
    • We may produce floor plans of your property, particularly if it is undergoing construction or renovations during the period that you are looking to sell it. In these situations we can also produce computer generated images of what your property will look like when completed.

Working Together

The first step in us selling your property is for you to get in contact with us. All emails to will be read and replied to. We are here for you!

If you wish to get in contact over telephone or in person, please check all the options on our Contact Page.

We’ll have an initial discussion, whether that’s over the telephone, via email or in person and from there we can get a better understanding of your needs, give you an overview of the market and set some expectations for the process.

Assuming that we’re both happy with the terms of the arrangement, we’ll go ahead and sign an agreement that will enable us to get to work selling your property.

Discreet Sales

There are many circumstances when you might want to sell your home but you don’t want the whole world to know about it.

CapitIL has a lot of experience handling these types of sales - please get in touch with our Sales Director Ben Levene (053-822-4336) who will be happy to discuss your requirements and explain a little more about the process of a discreet sale.

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