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Jerusalem has plenty of luxury apartments for sale, but finding the right one isn’t easy. CapitIL Real Estate Agency has a great deal of experience in helping our clients find a luxury home to suit their needs.

Many of the high-end apartments in the city are found closer to the city center, particularly in and around the Mamilla area. There are a number of projects such as King David’s Crown, The Legacy, David’s Village, Mamilla itself and the King David Residences that offer buyers a great selection of luxury apartments within a stone’s throw of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Of course, the beautiful neighborhood of Yemin Moshe, located just outside the Old City walls has both luxury apartments and homes that can be purchased.

Buyers looking to find their perfect property should not discount neighbourhoods that are slightly farther from the center. Although neighborhoods such as Baka, Talbiya and the German Colony are a little farther out, they are still within approximately 30 minutes walk to the city center of Jerusalem (obviously depending on the exact location of the apartment).

A huge range of possibilities

These neighborhoods offer the opportunity to increase the size of the apartment for a given budget and also enable you to purchase a house (even if you wanted to buy a house near the city center, your options are very limited).

There are many very wealthy individuals that have moved further out and have capitalized on the lower prices and greater amounts of space to build and/or renovate a property that would not be possible to achieve/obtain closer in to the center.

The above is also key in realizing that you’re not restricted to what is available on the market - we work with excellent interior designers that are capable of transforming and upgrading any apartment or home to your needs and to high American style standards.

This opens up a huge range of possibilities for the potential buyer as now you only need to find a plot or apartment that is the right location and size and they can transform it for you into your ideal home in Jerusalem.

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If you would like to find out more about luxury apartments for sale in Jerusalem, please contact our Director of Sales, Ben Levene on:

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Ben has close to 10 years of experience in residential real estate in Jerusalem and leads the residential sales team at CapitIL. Ben always has a stock of great apartments available for sale and has helped many clients find their perfect home in Jerusalem. References available on request (English speaking).

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Below is our current and available list of luxury apartments for sale in Jerusalem.

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There really is a fantastic selection and the home of your dreams may be just a couple of clicks away!


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