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Agents and representatives of CapitIL Real Estate travel abroad about regularly throughout the year to Jewish communities in the United States, London, and Australia to meet with clients and give seminars about the Jerusalem real estate market and the process of buying property in Israel. 

These events also include experts in relevant fields who are able to provide further information about what the process of buying property in Israel entails, such as a real estate lawyer, mortgage specialist, currency expert, property manager, interior designer, and project manager.

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January 2023 Events: Navigating the Market

An Israel Real Estate Event led by industry experts

We are offering a wide range of events in NY, NJ, Boston, and Silver Spring focused on the process of purchasing property in Israel, particularly geared towards those who are both newer to the Israel real estate market, and those actively searching. Our events provide valuable information and guidance to help you successfully purchase Israeli real estate.

CapitIL Real Estate is returning to the East Coast of the United States and Canada from January 1 - January 8, 2023 to host a series of informative events about the process of buying property in Israel.

The seminar will be hosted by esteemed panelists, including:

• Ben Levene, Director of Sales at CapitIL Real Estate

• Jeffrey Mark, Interior Design and Project Management

• Tzvi Shapiro, Mortgage Specialist

• Daniel Eisenberg, Currency Expert

• Jane Olman, Real Estate Lawyer

• Avi Goldberg, Property Manager


Full list of places, dates & times for the upcoming trip

- January 1, 2023: Far Rockaway, 10:00am

- January 1, 2023: Teaneck, 7:30pm

- January 2, 2023: West Hempstead, 7:30pm

- January 3, 2023: Brookline, 7:30pm

- January 4, 2023: Newton, 7:30pm

- January 5, 2023: Silver Spring, 7:30pm

- January 8, 2023: Cedarhurst, 9:45am

- January 8, 2023: Cedarhurst, 11:00am

- January 8, 2023: Englewood, 6:15pm

- January 8, 2023: Englewood, 7:45pm

We are excited to announce a new series of events in Teaneck, NJ! These events are designed to cater to different groups of clients. The series will consist of three events, each tailored to a specific audience. The first event will be geared towards buyers who are already familiar with the market and are actively searching for a new home. The second event is aimed at active buyers who are new to the market. The third event is intended for current homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.

Attendees at this event will have the chance to discover a range of exciting new projects and opportunities, including some that have not yet been featured on my website or newsletter. This event is geared towards active buyers looking for unique opportunities, so don't miss out on this exclusive chance to see what's on offer.

What to Expect

These seminars are completely free, all you have to do is register!

In the seminars, we will be discussing:

• Great purchasing opportunities in Jerusalem.

• Taxes, registration, and contracts.

• The ins-and-outs of mortgages.

• Money exchange: getting the most NIS for your $.

• Managing your property.

• Renovations and design.

• Is buying on paper a bargain?

• What can I buy with a downpayment of $500,000 USD?

• Should I buy now if I am making Aliyah in 5-10 years?

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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