Arnona Tax in Israel
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Arnona - Jerusalem’s Municipal Tax

Arnona is the name of the annual municipal tax that has to be paid by property owners/tenants in Israel.

Who is Responsible for Paying Arnona?

When a property is rented out short-term, it is the property owner’s obligation to pay this tax; however, when a property is rented out for one year or longer, it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the tax.

Every time a new tenant enters the property for a period of one year or longer, it is their obligation to register their name on the Arnona bill.

This can be done by filling out a form online, or by calling the Municipality’s Arnona department at 02-6296333 or *3552 from Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-15:30 and 16:00-18:00.

You should have the following documents ready: Teudat Zehut or passport + visa, apartment contract, the relevant forms if applying for a discount, and the Arnona bill.

Due Dates and Late Fees

The Municipality sends out the Arnona bills every January, informing you of your liability for the coming year.

The Arnona bill must be paid by the 30th of January, and late fees will be applied for each month that the bill is overdue.

How is the Arnona Charge Calculated?

Arnona is calculated based on the area (m2) of your property that is registered with the Municipality.

Currently, there are four “zones” (A - D/Alef -Daled) that the charge varies for, plus a few variations based on the nature of the apartment itself.

Each Zone has a list of streets and neighborhoods that fall within each zone, thereby setting the rate for your home.

Arnona Rates for Residential Assets per Square Meter:

  Building   Type


Zone A

Zone B

Zone C

Zone D


Residence, more than 120 sqm.

 113.22   NIS

 102.88 NIS

 79.37   NIS

 64.88   NIS


Residence, up to 120 sqm.

 93.81   NIS

 75.25   NIS

 55.99   NIS

 <40.4   NIS


Residence with external/joint lavatories

 <65.97       NIS

 <49.06   NIS

 40.4 NIS

 40.4 NIS


Residence made of wood or tin

 40.4   NIS

 40.4   NIS

 40.4   NIS 

 40.4 NIS












Arnona Discounts

Discounts are granted on a circumstantial basis; the Municipality offers various discounts depending on your income, whether you are in the army/national service, etc…

For more information on Arnona discounts, check out their Discounts page for details for each type.

Arnona Payment

Arnona can be paid in several ways at your convenience:

Online payment: To pay Arnona payment online - click here

By phone with a customer service representative: 02-6296333 from Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-15:30 and 16:00-18:00

By phone with a computerized telephone answering center: 02-6296000, 24 hours a day

Pay in advance: At the beginning of the year, a municipal tax account for the new year is sent to every property. The account can be paid in cash, credit, or check in all the different bank branches, including the postal bank by telephone, or using a credit card. In addition, the voucher can be paid in one payment at the call center, or by means of a credit card.

'Hora'at Keva' (Direct Debit): Automatic payments taken directly from your bank each month. The Hora'at Keva can be unconditionally cancelled at any time, but we recommend informing the Municipality in writing shortly before cancelling the standing order and thus saving the commission for cancelling (charged by the bank).

- Set up debit authorization online through the bank website where your account is managed.

- Select payment date either the 1st or the 10th of each month.

Splitting Credit Card Payments (more than one payment): There is no discount for this manner of payment and moreover, the credit company requires payment of interest (there is no interest charge for a single payment).

Post-dated Checks: Up to 12 post-dated checks (last date for payment is in the month of December) and receive detailed confirmation of submission of the checks. After settling each check a separate receipt will be sent; however, there is no discount for this form of payment and the payer will be charged extra for interest and linkage differentials. It is important to know that not honoring one of the checks will immediately lead to initiation of legal proceedings for debt collection.

Yerushalmi App: You can pay via the Municipality's app which is available for both Android and iPhone.


 *All information is taken from the Jerusalem Municipality’s website and is correct to date (2021).

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