DO THIS If You Are Looking to Buy Within the Next Few Months
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DO THIS If You Are Looking to

Buy Within the Next Few Months

(These are the thoughts of CapitIL Real Estate Agency Sales Director Ben Levene.)

Find Time to Fly to Israel

If you are buying a second-hand apartment, visiting in person is crucial to understanding the market and what you are looking for.

If you are buying in a new build or in a TAMA 38, although not required, it is highly recommended to visit the building sites in order to understand the location in which you are buying.

Get Prepared

You have to be in a position to jump on an opportunity when it arises. What does being prepared look like? 

  1. Get a lawyer

Ask your broker, friends, and family for recommendations. Then, speak with each of your options and make a decision about the lawyer you want to work with.

  1. Make sure your finances are in order and your mortgage is pre-approved

If you do not know your budget or are taking a large mortgage, it is important to deal with this from the beginning. You do not want to fall in love with a property you cannot comfortably afford.

  1. Know how you are signing the contract

If this is not sorted before you advance in your search, it will not only delay deals, but you will possibly also lose out on opportunities. Your lawyer will talk you through your options.

  1. Understand the additional costs involved

Do not get all the way to signing without thinking of your closing costs - from the beginning ask for a breakdown of your fees!

Don’t Think You Can Beat the System

If you believe prices are going to drop, then that is your prerogative to wait. If you are someone looking to buy within the next few months, do not expect that an apartment listed at 9 million shekel will sell anywhere near 8-8.5 million shekel.

Expecting to buy at a significant percent below market price with the market in its current state is extremely unlikely, and you may end up missing out on a great opportunity.

A lot of TAMA 38's and new builds are still selling at the asking price.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you happen upon a great deal during your property search, make sure to jump on it, but do not forget to do your due diligence.

Moving in on a deal is important, but that does not mean you have to sign within the week. Sellers should give you reasonable time (normally 2-4 weeks) to do your proper due diligence once you have a good faith agreement and contracts are issued. 


Be in the right headspace!

These rules are not specific to Israel and could apply anywhere. If you are buying from abroad, you need to be extra prepared and be in the right place to jump on opportunities.

The process is not as complicated as it seems if you surround yourself with a team of experts that will ensure you are doing everything necessary to make your purchase a success.

You do not want to be in a situation where you found an apartment that you want to buy but the seller/developer pulls out of the deal because you are taking too long to get things you easily could have organized before.  

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