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Buying real estate in Israel can be quite difficult, especially for Anglos buying from abroad.

There are so many nuances involved in the process, and for people who are not familiar with the language, the law, and the neighborhoods, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Ben Levene, CEO of CapitIL Real Estate, is delighted to be able to organize these trips and present a panel of real estate powerhouses featuring Jeffrey Mark, interior designer, Maxine Marks, Netanya property expert, Tzvi Shapiro, mortgage specialist, Avi Goldberg, property manager, and Jane Olman, real estate lawyer. 

What Are These Events?

For over 10 years, Ben has made it his goal to serve the Anglo community in fulfilling their dream of owning property in Israel.

Due to strong relationships in the East Coast communities, Ben has created practical and informational events to properly prepare future Israel property owners.

After attending these events, participants leave with knowledge of a vast array of topics, including but not limited to mortgage loans, sales tax, transferring currency, and market conditions in a variety of Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Ben has hosted almost 100 events country-wide and has brought expert professionals including mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, and currency experts to properly answer the most difficult of questions.

For his upcoming trip, the panel will be covering intriguing topics such as recently updated laws in regards to the sales law, the ins and outs of buying a luxury apartment in Israel, and what you can do with a $500,000 down payment.

Tailored for you

These events are tailored to people no matter what step in the process they are in - people who are just starting to think about buying, people who have been seriously considering buying for years but have not been able to take that jump in, as well as people who are already in the middle of the process.

Whether you are looking for a home or a property to invest in, buying off-plan or something that is already built, this panel will address every scenario regarding Israel real estate. 

All our experts have years of experience in the Israeli real estate market and have countless testimonials and references.

The best part about this panel is that we work seamlessly with one another, so you already have a full team of professionals ready to assist you throughout the process.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet everyone in person, and leave the event both with knowledge and a personal connection to professionals which can make the process of buying from overseas much easier. 

Check out our full list of locations by visiting: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/israel-real-estate-events-july-2022-654739

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