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About CapitIL's Events and Seminars

CapitIL’s leading broker, Ben Levene, has 11 years of experience in the real estate industry, and uses his experience to help others navigate their journey of buying a home in Israel.

Before COVID hit, Ben and some of his close associates travelled abroad to Australia, the UK, and the United States about 10 times per year to give seminars in various communities about the process of buying a home in Jerusalem and how the real estate market works here.

In an effort to maintain consistency with events and adapt to the new “normal” of life with COVID, CapitIL now hosts Zoom events every other week to continue offering information to people interested in purchasing a home or making the move to Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem real estate market has been going from strength to strength

Ironically enough, the real estate market has been doing very well despite the pandemic, as more and more Jewish families are feeling the need to make the move to their homeland.

Through these events, clients have become more comfortable with taking the plunge and purchasing a home, even without physically being here to do so.

The Zoom events that CapitIL hosts are focused on providing knowledge about the current state of the market, pricing, taxes, the steps of the process, and showing properties available for sale through virtual tours and photos.

Best of all, these events are completely free, with no pressure or obligations to continue further!

These events have been quite successful and we hope to continue to provide information and value to anyone interested, from the comfort of their homes.

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