Hotels from the German Colony to King David Street
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Hotels from the German Colony to King David Street

Thinking of coming to Jerusalem sometime soon? Whether you’re coming for vacation or to search for the apartment of your dreams, you’ll need somewhere wonderful to stay.

Get to know some of the best hotels from the German Colony down to King David Street; we have chosen the hotels that our clients generally stay in and love.

These hotels are incredibly popular and are always very full around the summer and for chagim, so be sure to plan in advance!

Mount Zion Hotel

Overlooking the Old City, this boutique hotel is full of history, having initially served as a hospital in the 1880’s. The hotel is on Hebron Road, right above the Yes Planet complex, providing an excellent location to walk to the cinema and other attractions around. The hotel is known for its Turkish bathhouse and Cable Car Museum.

Dan Boutique

The Dan Boutique is in an excellent location on Derech Chevron, between the Old City and the New City. The hotel overlooks Mount Zion, the historical City of David on a hill just beyond the Old City walls.

The Dan Boutique is just a few minutes away from the shops and cafes of Emek Refaim Street, as well as the restaurants and attractions at the First Train Station.

The Orient

The beautiful Orient Hotel’s central location (just at the beginning of Emek Refaim Street) makes it an ideal starting point for exploring a wide range of local attractions, including the First Station, Liberty Bell Park, Mishkenot Sha'ananim (the first neighborhood built outside the Old City walls), and the German Colony's abundance of restaurants and boutiques.

The Orient is famously known for its rooftop infinity pool!

The Inbal

Located at the top of the Liberty Bell Park, just across the street from the historic Montefiore Windmill, the Inbal is a very popular hotel which has recently undergone renovations, adding more rooms and upgrading the style of the hotel.

The Inbal is walking distance to Emek Refaim Street and down the hill from Mamilla Mall and King David Street.

Leonardo Plaza

The Leonardo Plaza is a popular hotel for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel lies in the center of the city, near the Great Synagogue as well as a plethora of shopping and business districts. The Western Wall and the Old City are about a 15-minute walk away.

King David

The King David hotel is often regarded as the most famous of all the hotels in Jerusalem, having won a myriad of awards over the years. One of the oldest hotels in the city, its fusion of contemporary elegance and history create an atmosphere of its own kind.

The King David is famously known for accommodating many celebrities and VIP’s, with a marble strip down the center of the floor in the hotel lobby displaying their signatures. The King David is located within walking distance to the Old City and Mamilla Mall.

David Citadel

The David Citadel is a luxury hotel located at the end of King David Street, just opposite Mamilla Mall. The hotel’s infamous architecture sets it apart from the rest, with its eigh story U-shape overlooking the wondrous Old City. The David Citadel prides itself on exceptional customer service. 

The Waldorf

The Waldorf, located at the end of King David Street, across from Mamilla Mall, and down the street from Gan Ha’Atsmaut, is known for its beautiful, lavish design. The Waldorf is in perfect proximity to many bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Mamilla Hotel

Finally, the Mamilla Hotel lies at the end of King David Street, right on top of Mamilla Mall. The historical Mamilla district, established outside the walls of the Old City and near to the Jaffa Gate in the 19th century, is a natural and crucial bridge connecting old and new Jerusalem.

The Mamilla Hotel is undeniably beautiful, modern, and elegant, best known for its rooftop restaurant which overlooks the Old City, and popular Mirror Bar.

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