How NOT To Search for Jerusalem Real Estate
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How NOT To Search for Jerusalem Real Estate

(These are the thoughts of CapitIL Real Estate Agency Sales Director Ben Levene.)

When searching for properties to buy in Jerusalem, many people think to go to the Israeli equivalent of However, this may not be a smart way to look for your Jerusalem property.

There are some great sites but generally, the feedback is they do not fully assist foreign clients as much. The main downfall of these sites is that they cannot fully regulate modern and up-to-date listings.

Shopping Around

When you find a property on an Israeli website, many times when you call up the broker they will tell you it is not available anymore, but that they can help you if you explain what you are looking for. However, one of the worst things you can do, in my opinion, is to work with 10 different brokers at a time from random adverts, without knowing who the broker is. 

Still look on the internet - but if you find something good - ask your broker to investigate it for you. At the end of the day if you are going to pay your broker, get value from them!

Many times I am already familiar with the listing and can explain to my client why I did not offer it!

A lot of listings are on a multi-list. Meaning, if you call 10 brokers, they will all most likely offer you the same thing. Once a broker realizes you are working with many other brokers (as you will tell them you have already seen that property), they will make you a non-priority client, and unfortunately not put in the time you need them to find a great property to purchase.

I ask my clients to give me a chance to show how good I am and how my expertise can get them the service they require.

Personal Experience

Last week I had a large number of different clients in town wanting to look at apartments and three of them were going around with many different brokers.

This is completely fine and their prerogative, however, every time I offered them a property, they had already seen or booked to see it.

I asked these clients to carefully select 1 or 2 brokers to work with as it will make their lives easier.

The Best Way to Search For a Property

Make a relationship with a specific broker that you trust to ensure you make a successful purchase. Give that broker some time to help you find a property before deciding to look with someone else.

You will hopefully not miss out on properties as most properties are available for all brokers to send to their clients. You need a broker to have you as a priority and commit 20 hours to help you for 4-5 days when you come to Israel as opposed to 10-20 brokers giving you 2 hours of their time.

You are unlikely to get the service property searching requires if you have many brokers working for you. Do not pick your broker randomly - get recommendations and make sure the broker is working hard for you and trying to create good options and suggestions.

Having one expert broker give you premium service to find you the right apartment is crucial to having a successful purchase. You need a plan for seeing different properties as opposed to seeing random listings with no consistency.

My advice is to find an expert broker that you trust, and give them the chance to invest in you as a client to find you the right property for you. 

How to decide on your broker:

  1. Ask for references

  2. Make sure you connect with them

  3. See if they are willing to invest the time and effort

  4. You can always change and give the one you feel happy with a chance

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