Is Arnona the New Baka?

Is Arnona the New Baka? Alternative Options for Your Dream Home in Jerusalem

Baka is one of, if not the most, highly requested neighborhoods by our clients in all of Jerusalem, and with its charming architecture, character-filled homes, and the local attractions, it’s no wonder why.

In the last 10-15 years, prices for real estate in Baka have gone up tremendously. Property can cost anywhere from 45-65,000 NIS/sqm for a renovated or new unit. While it is possible to find properties in the 35,000 NIS/sqm range, those properties are either extremely rare, unheard of deals, or there is something not so great about the unit. For example, the unit doesn’t receive a good amount of sunlight, it really needs a lot of fixing up, there are a lot of stairs to walk up, etcetera.

With prices skyrocketing combined with the incredibly high demand and low supply, our clients have been exploring other neighborhoods in which to purchase their homes.

New Possibilities in Arnona

Just across Derech Chevron lies the lovely neighborhood of Arnona.

Arnona is a beautiful, green, up and coming neighborhood, bordered by Baka and Talpiyot.

About 10 years ago, most people wouldn’t have heard of Arnona, let alone consider living there. These days, Arnona is becoming a viable option for many families looking to purchase a home in Jerusalem. 

In recent years, we've seen a big uptake in English speakers looking to buy or rent in Arnona, due to the more budget-friendly prices, easily accessible bus routes, and plenty of nearby activities/ attractions. It is very close to Talpiyot which has multiple large supermarket outlets, several malls, a movie theater, and various other useful stores, as well as close to Baka’s many parks, the First Station, Yes Planet, and Derech Beit Lehem.

Great for Families

Arnona is a wonderful neighborhood, with a very 'green' feel in that there seem to be more trees and bushes planted along the streets than you'd find in other areas of Jerusalem. Another fantastic benefit to the neighborhood is that many of the roads found within are quite wide, which alleviates the claustrophobic feel that you can get in other areas of the city - the narrow alleyways of Nachlaot being a prime example.

As with many of Jerusalem's outer neighborhoods, Arnona is mainly residential, with neighborhood convenience stores (Makolets) dotted around. This in combination with the fact that the neighborhood is further on the outskirts does mean that Arnona's streets tend to be fairly quiet, which is a great plus.

The neighborhood also is home to the U.S. Embassy which was moved to Jerusalem in 2018!

Over the last 3-4 years we have seen approximately a 30-40% price increase in desirable properties in Arnona as it becomes a more popular neighborhood, while still remaining budget-friendly with good-sized apartments and houses for families.

As of December 2021:

-A 3 bedroom apartment with a sukkah balcony and parking could cost in the range of 1-1.2 million USD.

-A large garden apartment or cottage with 5+ bedrooms could cost between 1.5-2.2 million USD.


Does Arnona sound like it could be the right neighborhood for your family? 

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