Is Baka Worth the Hype: Everything You MUST Know
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Is Baka Worth the Hype:

Everything You MUST Know

(These are the thoughts of CapitIL Real Estate Agency Sales Director Ben Levene.)

Baka, one of Jerusalem’s most in-demand neighborhoods, is home to some of the greenest and most serene areas.

Whether you are walking down the Park HaMesila or getting lost in its picturesque side streets, one will realize very quickly why everyone is so keen to move there.

Finding good apartments to buy in the summer of 2022 in Baka is no easy feat - but we are here to help!


The completion of the Jerusalem Railway Station in the late 19th century caused a massive incentive to move more south of the Old City of Jerusalem, and Muslims, Armenians, and Christians started to flock to the Baka area.

They built the gorgeous and historic houses that line the streets of Baka today. However, during the War of Independence of 1948, Baka was on the Israeli side of the split between East and West Jerusalem, which completely changed the demographics of the neighborhood.

What is Baka?

The way I, and generally the market, look at Baka is that there are two sides to Baka, which does affect the market significantly.

There is the first side, which starts at the edge of the German Colony and goes all the way up to Yehuda Street. Along Beit Lechem to Rakevet up to Yehuda, and up to the start of the German Colony, until about 300 meters from the start of the Isrotel.

Then there is the other side of Baka which is Yehuda Street, Ben Yefune Street, the other side of Derech Beit Lechem, and Rivka Street - with Baka ending at the border of Rivka Street, bordering Talpiyot. 

What This Means in the Market

Now up to about five years ago, I would say that the area of Baka that borders Talpiyot was not so desirable. About five years ago, people started investing in that side of Baka, which has driven it extremely high in pricing.

Of course, it is not the same as the historic and central part of Baka, but it has picked up the prices around there. You still generally are paying $11,000 USD plus for a square meter for a modern apartment and that can go on the way up to $15,000 USD plus.

The building of a project called Bustan Baka with approximately 200 homes gave this side of Baka a significant increase in demand for the area and has increased significantly the anglo community on this side of Baka. In a central neighborhood of Baka, you are generally paying $15,000-20,000 USD a meter for modern, beautiful, luxury stuff. 

Why People Love Baka

Baka also has a lot of character. Lots of charming, mandated homes, homes with domes, high ceilings, and arch windows.

My favorite parts of Baka are the beautiful little side streets that you barely get a car down, extremely quaint, extremely picturesque and it's so charming and wonderful to walk around.

Shopping/Eating in Baka

Not only is Baka rich in beautiful homes, but it also has incredible eateries and shops.

The main shopping street of Baka is Derech Beit Lechem, which runs between Yehuda Street and goes up to just approaching the German Colony. You have lots of boutiquey and arty shops, quality fruit shops and butchers, and a beautiful set of restaurants.

There is a beautiful restaurant called Grand Cafe, a lovely coffee shop called Carlos, and an English tea shop that recently opened up that is extremely picturesque and has a lovely garden.

As you go through the side streets in Baka, there is also this lovely french coffee shop, David Laor, on the corner of Gideon. All these cute places are what make Baka, Baka, and are also what draws people to want to buy in this area. 


Baka is an extremely desirable area- with its beautiful little side streets, and its green and quiet areas. The demand in Baka has gone up exponentially, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. 

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