Jerusalem Property Update: January 13, 2022

Jerusalem Property Update:

January 13, 2022 - luxury apartments & off-market opportunities

Dear readers,

Clients often ask us what our thoughts are on purchasing units in luxury projects such as HaMesila, King David’s Crown, or the like; isn’t it very expensive per square meter? Are we overpaying for some fancy finishes? Why is this an attractive purchase?

Read our opinions on what makes purchasing luxury units worthwhile in our latest blog.Please have a look at the following luxury apartments and off-market opportunities currently for sale on the Jerusalem market:

Beautiful Apartment in Talbiya

This wonderful unit is located in a beautiful luxury complex with a doorman. The unit measures 1600 sqf with 3 bedrooms including a large master suite, a study, a beautiful kitchen and dining area, and a 160 sqf sukkah balcony. The unit comes fully furnished and has private parking and storage! The asking price is 8,700,000 NIS (approximately $2,800,000 USD).

Lovely Apartment in the King David’s Crown Complex

High-End Project in the German Colony

Final units remaining in a high-end project in the German Colony.The units are 1500 sqf with quality finishes, sukkah balconies, and private parking. Expected occupancy in approximately 15 months. Contact us for floor plans and more information.Prices start from 8,750,000 NIS (approximately $2,810,000 USD).

Luxury Garden Apartment in the Heart of Baka

Located on a green, charming side street off of the famous Derech Beit Lehem in the heart of Baka, this beautiful 2150 sqf unit has a 1300 sqf garden, high-end finishes, private parking, and a storage room. There are 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and a large living room, as well as a den and study (option for 4-5 bedrooms). The unit is in a luxury boutique building with a gym and residents' room!

The asking price is 10,850,000 NIS (approximately $3,490,000 USD).

Park 8 Garden Collage

Off-Market Luxury Penthouse in the German Colony

This luxury penthouse is in a brand new project located in the wonderful German Colony on a quiet side street.The penthouse is 2400 sqf with a 400 sqf sukkah balcony, high-end finishes, private parking, and a storage room.This is a very unique opportunity on the market; the project will be completed in approximately 4 years, and there is an option for all money back if there is no permit within 1 year from signing the contract.Contact us for floor plans and more information. The asking price is 14,750,000 NIS (approximately $4,745,000 USD).

Shabbat Shalom! Have a lovely weekend.

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