Jerusalem Property Update: March 6, 2022

 Jerusalem Property Update: Unique Properties on the Market

Shavua Tov!

As part of a new initiative to help Olim Chadashim better understand the jargon associated with real estate in Israel, we will begin introducing some important Hebrew vocabulary words every couple of weeks!

  1. Building Index - Madad
    The Building Index tracks the inflation rate within the construction industry and covers all costs related to construction including materials, tools, and labor. Outstanding payments due to the builder become linked to the Building Index.  

  2. Neighborhood - Sh’choona
    Jerusalem is an enormous city comprised of over 100 neighborhoods. Take our quiz to find out which one could be right for you!

  3. Building Committee - Va’ad Bayit
    The Building Committee is a group of people who are in charge of taking care of the building, such as arranging cleaning services or maintenance.

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Please have a look at the following unique properties available for sale on the Jerusalem market:

Bright and Sunny Apartment for Renovation in Old Katamon

This unit is about to go through TAMA38 renovations in August! After TAMA, the apartment will be 1075 square feet with 3 bedrooms, a nice living room, 2 bathrooms, storage, a balcony, modern finishes, and a brand new elevator in the building. The apartment receives amazing natural light!

*Research into permits is the buyers’ responsibility*

The asking price is 3,750,000 NIS (approximately $1,145,000 USD).

Renovated Apartment in Rehavia

In a great location in Rehavia in a charming Jerusalem stone building, this lovely apartment is 1075 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 balconies including a sukkah balcony. The apartment is on the 2nd floor without an elevator, and has been fully renovated to a high standard!

The asking price is 3,900,000 NIS (approximately $1,190,000 USD).

Brand New Apartment in Old Katamon

On a lovely, pastoral side street in the heart of Old Katamon, in a beautiful project that will see the complete refurbishment of an existing building with a beautiful lobby, brand new 6-person elevators, and luxury finishes.

This brand new unit is 1075 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a 130 square foot sukkah balcony, and high technical specifications such as cooling and heating systems, Italian kitchens, and luxury finishes.

Expected occupancy around Pesach 2024.

The asking price is 4,250,000 NIS (approximately $1,300,000 USD).

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