Jerusalem Real Estate Market Update
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Jerusalem Real Estate Market Update

This update is an opinion of Ben Levene, CapitIL’s Director of Sales, based on the local market. It is not statistical, rather an analysis from what he has been seeing lately.

As of late, there has been very low supply and very high demand for properties specifically in the 1.5 - 3.5 million dollar range.

In the last month alone, most of our 3 to 5 bedroom luxury apartments have sold. The reason being is because buyers are beginning to realize that there won’t be many new or different properties added to the market any time soon, so they need to adjust their requirements in order to finally buy a home and move forward with their lives.

Buyers who can compromise are more likely to successfully close a deal

Buyers who can compromise their needs or have flexibility in size, location, or price are more likely to successfully close a deal on the current market. Recent sales have included buyers who have compromised by either stretching their budget, being willing to do some renovations, or letting go of things like private parking or a storage room.

It is important for buyers to make a list of their non-negotiables as well as some of the things that they would be willing to part with in exchange for the right home. 

High demand and low supply means that properties are selling quickly, and getting new listings in a timely fashion is proving to be complicated.

The reason that there is very low supply these  days is because home owners who sell will naturally need to replace their home with another. With the current market, it is very hard for people to find a better home or make a profit off of their current home, so home owners are holding off on selling.

The current market is challenging, though not impossible

The banks in America often lend 80%-100% mortgages, so people can borrow a decent amount of money in order to pay off their homes; however, in Israel, the banks generally lend foreigners up to 50% and the same applies to Israelis who own more than one home.

Because of this, it is rare that sellers are so over-leveraged and rushed to sell that they can not hold on for a high sales price.

All in all, the current market is challenging, though not impossible. You will need a very good real estate agent in your corner to help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of purchasing your dream home in Jerusalem.

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