Tips for Finding a Light and Bright Apartment
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Tips for Finding a Light & Bright Apartment: Tips for Finding Such an Apartment in Jerusalem

For many people, having a bright and sunny apartment is a non-negotiable. A factor often overlooked during apartment hunting is that of natural lighting. There are various elements that contribute to the light a unit receives. Here are some tips for finding a naturally light and bright apartment in Jerusalem:

Floor Number

The higher up you are, the more brightness you generally get. Lower levels, including most garden units, tend to not receive that much natural light.


It is important to know which exposures the unit has to the sun. When you are visiting an apartment, or looking at floor plans, take note of the exposures or ask your real estate agent. Alternatively, you can open the compass application on your smartphone to find out for yourself.

South facing exposures receive bright light all day.

East facing exposures receive gentle morning sun.

West facing exposures receive direct afternoon sun.

People who want daylight but not too strong tend to like northwest or northeast exposures.

A high floor with corner exposures is great for bright light. We have seen in Jerusalem some northeast exposures on floors 3+ which are extremely light due to the openness of the surrounding buildings.

In our opinion, a southeast exposure is ideal, as it brings nice, bright light without being too strong.

If you love sun and direct heat, a southwest exposure is perfect for you.

Surrounding Buildings

Take note of the buildings surrounding the apartment of interest. Buildings will obstruct the light and heat that the apartment will receive. How far away are the buildings and how high are they? In Jerusalem construction is constant so there’s no way of knowing if a new building will be put up near yours in the coming years, but it is important to identify your current surroundings.

When buying an apartment in Jerusalem, try to make a couple of visits at different times of the day to see exactly how the light hits and make sure it fills your light requirements. Check the floor, exposures, and what exists in front and to the side of the buildings as well.

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