Live Music Venues in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s Live Music Venues

Abraham Hostel

Located in the City Center, Abraham Hostel is regularly host to live music as well as a wide range of other fun events.

Beit Avi Chai

This cultural centre on King George Street hosts classes, lectures, and in their central courtyard - live music events.

There’s not a regular schedule, so you’ll have to check out their website from time to time, but thankfully their other programming is quite interesting too!

Blaze Bar

Tucked away behind Hillel Street, Blaze hosts regular live music performances, to what feels like a mainly American crowd, but that may be down to the music, typically being some sort of rock music.

Kikar HaMusika/Blue Hall Music

The recently constructed Kikar HaMusika (Music Square) on Yoel Moshe Salomon street is home to a courtyard stage and the Blue Hall Music restaurant/bar that hosts live music events on a weekly basis.

The Jerusalem Theatre

Located on the border of Katamon and Talbiya, the Jerusalem Theatre is a great place to check out live music with regular concerts and events being hosted there, though the focus is more on classical music, other styles are also performed here.

The theatre is also home to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra ( and the Jerusalem Andalusian Orchestra.   

The First Station

The Tachana Rishona or First Station is home to regular music events on it’s open air stage located in the center of the complex.

These can vary from well attended concerts by a specific artist, themed evenings and small artists taking their first steps in their career.

Mike’s Place

This American style bar/restaurant on Jaffa Street in the city centre has regular live music in the downstairs section of their establishment.

Pais Arena

Normally home to the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team, the Pais Arena is also used for larger concerts, though because of the size of these, these are not held on a regular basis.

Post Hostel

The Post Hostel on Jaffa Street often hosts live performances in their communal area as you come in. Check out their website for details of the upcoming events.

Sultan’s Pool

The Sultan’s Pool or Breichot HaSultan is generally used as a larger concert venue. These events are not held regularly, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for performance dates.

Tzikiyahu’s Cave

An unassuming entrance by the Old City’s Damascus Gate leads down into a beautiful set of caves, the pathway through which is often lit for events with hundreds and hundreds of candles, providing an incredible walk down to the main performance area.

The venue is intimate and temporary as the caves are a tourist attraction during the day, but whoever you see at this venue, it’s sure to stick with you as one of the more memorable concerts you’ll have been to (unless you go to concerts in awesome caves on a regular basis!).

The Yellow Submarine

An iconic grungy location in the industrial area of Talpiot, the Yellow Submarine has been a feature on Jerusalem’s music scene since its establishment by the Jerusalem Foundation in 1991.

Sadly(?), the Foundation has plans to move the ‘submarine’ to a new complex in the city centre which will also serve as their office.

Yellow Submarine has all sorts of artists and genres performing on their stage, with a regular Wednesday night Jazz performance. For more information, see their website - Yellow Submarine


Supported by Jerusalem Venture Partners, Zappa is an organisation that puts on concerts all over Israel.

They have a music venue located close to the First Train Station that many artists and bands have come to perform at.

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