Local Amenities

Finding the Local Amenities
Around Your New Home

When on your search to buy a home in Jerusalem, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the specific needs you have for the home itself, like the number of bedrooms, a balcony, an elevator in the building, and private parking; however, another very important factor to take into consideration is that of the selection and distance of the amenities around the home.

Amenities of all Kinds

Jerusalem is full of amenities of all kinds: shops, markets, malls, restaurants, bars, makolets, book stores, banks, pharmacies…the list goes on!

While Jerusalem does offer incredible public transportation, you should bear in mind how far of a walk your required amenities are from where you’ll live for those late-night snacks or last minute needs.

There are several “hot spots” around Jerusalem in which you can find a wide variety of amenities together in one place, like Emek Refaim, Yaffo, Mamilla, Ben Yehuda, and the First Station. If you want easy access to all of those amenities, then you should look into those areas. Not to fear if your potential home isn’t located near these places though, every neighborhood has its own amenities sprinkled around the area. 

Finding Your Neighborhood’s Amenities

We as your brokers will always assist you in finding local amenities. A tip we have for our clients is to open Google Maps and search the address of the home of interest.

Once you find the home on the map, you can either zoom in and out and move around the neighborhood, taking note of the multicolored pins, or you can simply click on one of the tabs that Google offers you.

Including restaurants, hotels, attractions, transit, parking and pharmacies.

Then, you’ll want to find the “directions” button and enter your starting point, destination, and then click the walking icon. You will be shown directions, including the time it will take you to get there, and even if the path is flat or hilly!

We recommend all of our clients to use this process of finding local amenities and determining if the amenities they need most are located within a comfortable walking distance of the home.

As always, you can speak with friends, family, or friendly neighbors who know the area and can point you in the right direction.

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