A List of Malls in Jerusalem

A List of Malls in Jerusalem: For restaurants, fun things to do & shopping

When starting your search for a new home in Jerusalem, you should scope out the location and neighborhood before settling on a place. You’ll want to check Google Maps to see what kind of things are around; are there makolets within walking distance for late night snacks or last minute items?

Bus stops on that street or the next one over? Is there a supermarket in close proximity so you won’t have to schlep grocery bags all over town? Moreover, is there a mall nearby?

There are several malls in Jerusalem, ranging from large, upscale shops and classy cafes to smaller shopping centers with only supermarkets, kiosks, and some activities. Malls also provide a great indoor activity during the hot summer months.

Living near a mall is a great way to ensure that you will have restaurants nearby, fun things to do with the family, and, of course, great shopping!

Here is a list we’ve put together of the malls currently open and running in Jerusalem:

Mamilla Mall


Mamilla is an upscale shopping avenue located just outside of the Old City, next to the Mamilla Hotel. Mamilla Mall has several cafes, nicer restaurants, ice cream shops, and bakeries, in addition to the boutiques and well-known stores.

Mamilla is mainly outdoors with beautiful lights and musicians playing, often with vendors offering things for kids such as balloons, face painting, or hair braiding, as well as an indoor section with more stores and restaurants. 

Kenyon Malcha


The biggest mall in Jerusalem, Kenyon Malcha offers a wide variety of shops from boutiques to internationally recognized brands, including a pet store, electronic stores, a supermarket, home goods and hardware stores, baby stores, spas, bookstores, and even a camping/ wilderness store.

There is also a large food court with a nice selection of restaurants as well as several play areas for children, with special shows and activities for children happening often. There is even a floor consisting of only doctors and medical offices.

Center One

(Knisa L’Ir)

Center One is a small shopping center located at the entrance of the city, near the Central Bus Station and Yitzhak Navon Train Station.

The center has some cafes and coffee kiosks, bookstores, and a small selection of stores. Check out their website for a list on ongoing events!

Kenyon Hadar


Kenyon Hadar is a great mall with a wonderful selection of shops, both big and small, most popular being the Nike outlet. Kenyon Hadar also has some fantastic restaurants in its food court, the Hadar market.

Kenyon Hadar is very centrally located in Talpiot and very easily accessible from the nearby neighborhoods! There are lots of events happening at Kenyon Hadar.

Check out the schedule on the Kenyon Hadar website.

Kenyon HaAchim Yisrael


Kenyon HaAchim Yisrael is a smaller shopping center with a few shops, salons, and outlet stores. Every Tuesday morning there is a big baby yoga class, and every other week on Sundays there is a big sports class for children.

Lev Talpiot


While Lev Talpiot does offer some shops, it is more well-known for the massive Rami Levy supermarket,and its numerous activities for the whole family, including a bowling alley, arcade, go-karting, and paintball.

Ramot Mall


There is a very nice indoor/ outdoor mall in Ramot with many of the same high-end stores as the mall in Malcha, as well as a pleasant food court with many options.

Ramot Mall is known for its many activities for children and families, be sure to check out their website to see what they have to offer!

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