Part 2: Buying Apartments Off-Plan in Jerusalem Series

Buying Off-Plan Apartments in Jerusalem
Blog Series

After searching, doing your due diligence, and assembling a team, you have finally decided to move forward with an off-plan apartment!

One of the many advantages to buying off-plan is that you can completely customize your unit to suit your personal style and needs. While things like furniture, fabrics, and textiles can be purchased with the help of a designer to really make your space pop, there are certain upgrades available either directly through the builder or separately with your designer so that the apartment can be finished to your taste before you even move in.

Please remember that no apartment, unless you buy a staged home, comes furnished or with appliances. 

All estimated upgrades are based on current knowledge of an approximate 100 sqm, mid-level apartment in Jerusalem. Your team will be able to give you a more accurate list of numbers based on the apartment of interest before signing.

Standard Inclusions in a New Build Apartment

It’s very important to have your project manager or designer check the specs offered BEFORE signing the contract by the builder to make sure they are fair or missing anything significant. 

Sometimes specs do not reflect the purchase price; in this instance, we would want to negotiate with the builder before signing. Some specs can be perfectly fair, but depending on your personal taste, you might want to upgrade them. 

Even with standard inclusions, below are some upgrades we often see our clients opting for.

Options for Upgrades

Underfloor Heating

In Jerusalem, underfloor heating is a valuable luxury in the cold winter months. Sometimes an underfloor heating system can be included in the purchase, depending on the project. If it is included, 95% of the time it is an electric underfloor heating system, which drives up your monthly electric bills significantly. 

An upgrade to this would be an water-based underfloor heating system. This upgrade costs roughly $15,000 or more, but will ultimately save you on your future electric bills. 

Air Conditioning

Oftentimes, the builders only do preparations for an air conditioning system or include a basic air conditioning system.

There are many options for air conditioning units on the market:

-Standard A/C 

-Zoned A/C

-Inverter A/C

-VRF A/C (the latest technology)

Your team should advise you as to which system is best for the size and layout of your apartment. Air conditioning upgrades can be significant depending on the system of choice.

We often negotiate to get the mid-to-upper level air conditioning system (the Inverter A/C) with a reputable brand and 2 separate zones (bed and living room). Upgrading from the Inverter system to the VRF system can be a significant upgrade of roughly $10,000+.

Taps and Tiles

While the standard inclusions for taps and tiles are generally pleasant, depending on your style, you and your designer might opt for some upgrades. 

You could decide you want anything from marble floors, simple yet large tiles, fancy faucets in the kitchen, or high-end shower heads. These upgrades generally run from $3,000+.


We often see clients spend $1,500+ on electrical upgrades, such as electric points, timers for the water heating system, or smart outlets/ switches.


The most common upgrade is that of the kitchen, which most of our clients opt for these days to enhance the heart of their home.

Upgrades to the kitchen usually involve a bigger size or different layout, more or custom cabinetry, or a kitchen island. The countertops, hardware, and backsplashes can also be upgraded to your liking. Depending on the size of the kitchen, these upgrades run from approximately $6,000+.


Basic light fixtures come as standard inclusions in your apartment. Light fixtures can cost from $1,500+ for your apartment.

Carpentry and Glass

It is important to note that off-plan apartments do not come with any carpentry or glass in bathrooms.

Bathroom vanities are included but people often upgrade them. Closets and cupboards need to be arranged through your designer, as well as shower glass. These run from approximately $15,000+.

Let The Professionals Do Their Thing

Upgrades are when your project manager and designer really step into their roles. We strongly recommend to appoint these members of your team before even closing on the apartment to make the process smooth and efficient. They know what to look for!

We are happy to offer recommendations for some fabulous professionals to help you with your upgrades and make your space your own.

These upgrades are guesstimates and offer a rough guide to what you can expect. We have not covered all upgrades possible. Please do your proper due diligence to work out exact costs and what upgrades are available to you based on the apartment of interest.

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