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TAMA 38 in a Nutshell

Ever seen those TAMA 38 signs and wonder what all that construction is about?

We are seeing a number of TAMA 38 projects being undertaken in neighborhoods across Jerusalem, primarily in neighborhoods such as Baka, Old Katamon, and Rehavia.

These projects see the complete refurbishment of existing buildings in addition to two floors of brand new apartments being added.

Bringing Buildings up to Current Standards

The goal of these TAMA 38 projects is to upgrade these buildings to bring them to current earthquake-resistance standards.

TAMA 38 projects often add parking spaces and safe rooms in addition to new floors.

Over time, TAMA 38 has developed a sub-project known as Pinui Binui, meaning “evacuation and reconstruction”, in which buildings are completely demolished and larger ones are built from scratch in their place.

Discount Property Prices

TAMA 38 properties can often be obtained at a discount if you are willing to buy them “off-plan”, and have construction schedules that are significantly faster than a development that is being planned and built from scratch.

While Pinui Binui promises prior tenants brand new apartments as well as many more for sale, which can cover the costs of the project and even turn into profit for developers.

Buying in a TAMA 38 project offers a brand new, lovely apartment  at a reasonable price point.

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