Where to Find Your Morning Coffee in Jerusalem
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Where to Find Your Morning Coffee:

Jerusalem's Best Cafés

Good news and bad news, coffee-loving readers. Unfortunately, there is no Starbucks here in Israel. On the bright side, the reason there is no Starbucks is not for lack of trying. In fact, Starbucks tried, and failed, to break into the Israeli coffee market.

Israeli coffee is just that good!

Buying property in Jerusalem is a funny business, everyone has their own reasons on why they prefer specific locations. However, one continuous thing we hear is “where can we get good coffee!?”

Thanks to our friends and clients who live in the neighborhood, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks here in Jerusalem. 

Whether you are grabbing a coffee while in a rush to work, sitting down with a friend to catch up on old times, or taking your family to brunch, we have got you covered.

Here at CapitIL, it's our job to make sure that your transition from America to Israel is smooth, not just in helping you find your dream home here, but also in the little things, like finding your perfect local coffee shop. 

There's nothing better than a morning coffee. But when there's no morning run for Starbucks coffee, where in Jerusalem are you able to pick up that perfect fresh cup of coffee in areas including Old Katamon, Baka, and German Colony?

Power CoffeeWorks (Shuk)

Located right next to the Shuk, Power CoffeeWorks roasts their coffee onsite- giving you a freshly ground cup of coffee every time. If you are a true coffee lover, you cannot miss this. 

Metaphors Art Café (Yafo- City Center)

In a hidden spot on a side street off Yafo, Metaphors Art Café has many people come to the cafe on their way to work where they are served delicious coffee beverages from their unique menu.

Gan Sipur (Gan Sacher)

Want to meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee and some delicious brunch? Gan Sipur is located in the gorgeous park Gan Sacher, so it is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy some greenery. 

Aroma (German Colony and City Center)

Are you someone who needs a consistent coffee order? Aroma is perfect for you as they have many locations throughout Jerusalem, and even throughout the whole country.

David Laor (Baka) 

Are you ready for some of the best french pastries? This wonderful little hideaway in Baka by Gidon street has everyone raving about their croissants- you haven’t been to Baka if you haven’t eaten here.

Coffee Mill (German Colony - Emek Refaim)

If you enjoy a real coffee shop vibe, this is the perfect place for you. You will want to bring your laptop and work here for a few hours while drinking a great cup of coffee.

Grand Cafe (Baka)

Looking for somewhere to go for family breakfast? Look no further than this perfectly located cafe that has a menu that will suit everyone.

Caffit (German Colony)

Caffit is the perfect place to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a few friends. With great portion sizes and a perfect cup of coffee to go with your meal, everyone will be raving about what a good time they had.

There are plenty of other amazing coffee shops, these are the ones that lots of clients talk about and recommend. We would love to hear about other great suggestions!

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