Why Do People Look to Buy in Large Complexes?
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Why Do People Look to Buy in Large Complexes?

As of late we have seen a huge rise in the number of apartments being sold in large projects rather than private, free-standing homes.

Apartment complexes such as Bustan Baka, Ganei Tzion, and Quadra are all in very high demand for the following reasons:


-Buying in a building makes you and your family automatic members of the building’s community.

-In Baka and Katamon, the building may be partly Dati (religious), with some non-religious people in the complex as well. Regardless, there is always a very respectful feeling in the common spaces of the building.

-Buildings have a good mix of older and younger people, so you and your family are sure to make some new friends.


-Most buildings these days have security cameras and codes to enter the building.

-There is a sense of security in living with many neighbors within the same building that you can turn to in case of emergency or if you just need an egg or two.


-Most buildings have a management company responsible for the building’s maintenance. You will pay a fee each month for a cleaner to come clean the hallways, elevators, and keep the building looking nice.

-The management company is also in charge of making sure things in the building operate functionally, such as fixing light bulbs in the hallways, fixing the elevator should there be an issue, as well as handling leaks or any other building-related issues.


-Parking is assigned, so there is no race to get to a parking spot at the end of the day.

-Storage rooms, if available, are also assigned, and are for your own personal use.

-If there is an elevator, it will be programmed to work every Shabbat and holiday on a timer for religious residents.

-These complexes are wheelchair accessible.

Long-Term Demand

-Buyers feel that these properties are relatively good and secure investments. The building creates its own demand through friends and family of residents.

-These complexes generally rise in price quicker than the general market appreciation.

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