Hebrew Real Estate Glossary of Terms

Israeli road signs may be in Hebrew, English and Arabic, but with the rebirth of the Jewish nation, has also seen the return of Hebrew as the national language.

There is undoubtedly something quite uplifting in the fact that the language in our prayer books has been revitalised into every day life.

Nevertheless, as a real estate agency that serves the Anglo community, we are well aware that many residents and potential buyers of the properties listed on this website could have limited Hebrew, at best.

Can you buy a property in Jerusalem with limited Hebrew?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. 

Proficiency in English is high in Israel in 2021 and you can undoubtedly find real estate agents, lawyers and mortgage advisers that will do the heavy lifting for you.

To help you we have put a glossary together below of the most important words to know in Hebrew, when it comes to buying a property in Jerusalem.

Hopefully it will help you when buying real estate in Jerusalem. The words are listed in English first and are followed by the Hebrew translation on the right hand side.


Hebrew-English Glossary of Property Terms Part 1

Hebrew-English Glossary of Property Terms Part 2

Hebrew-English Glossary of Property Terms Part 3

Hebrew-English Glossary of Property Terms Part 4

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