Arnona Property Prices: 2022 data

Average price of an apartment in Arnona: 2,791,085 Shekels (Was 2,350,000 in 2021)

Average monthly rental for an apartment in Arnona: 6,000 Shekels (5,500 Shekels in 2021)

Number of apartments sold in Arnona in 2022: 162 (127 in 2021)

Average price per meter in Arnona: 32,800 (25,500 Shekels)

(All information above via Madlan.)

Arnona: The new Baka

Arnona property prices are higher than the average real estate prices seen in both Israel and Jerusalem, as a whole.

This area, which borders Talpiyot has really emerged as a very popular one for Anglos and Olim in recent decades.

So much so, that we have speculated on this website that Arnona can well be considered the new Baka.

Arnona offers a suburb feel in close distance to both the Old City, the bustling shops and malls of Talpiyot as well as some of the more quieter areas of Jerusalem too.

The annual return on a residential property in Arnona is rated at 2.36% which is one of the reasons it has attracted so many investors in recent years.


Arnona property prices - 2023 - price guide

* Pricing is in shekel per meter

* All pricing is approximate

* Prices are based off current market understanding

Second hand - needs renovation - 35K+

Second hand - modern - 38K+

New builds - 40K+

Premium - 50K+


Examples of four properties sold in Arnona 2022

We have four pulicly available apartments sold in Arnona in 2022 below.

- An 85 square meter, four room, first floor apartment on Yefe Lev-Street in Arnona was sold for 2.74 million shekels. (Via Globes.)

- A 76 square meter, three-room, sixth floor apartment with a 11 square meter balcony, 3 square meter storage room, an elevator and parking on Primo Levi Street in Arnona was sold for NIS 2.6 million. (From Globes.)

- A 5-room, first floor apartment, totalling 125-square metres, on Efrata Street was sold in September 2022 for 5.35 million Shekels. In a new building completed in 2022.

- A 5-room, fourth floor apartment, totalling 138-square metres, on Derekh Hevron Street was sold in August 2022 for 4.85 million Shekels. Also, in a new building completed in 2022. 

(The latter two properties mentioned above, were via Madlan.) 

Four properties sold in Arnona 2021

Detailed below are four properties sold in Arnona during the calendar year of 2021.

These were all significant purchases and illustrates how Arnona is creeping up to be one of the most expensive areas in Jerusalem.

Whilst not quite the prices of Baka and the German Colony, Arnona is sought after. Especially as an area with many young families and numerous synagogues and ameneties.

- A 114 square meter, four-room, second floor penthouse apartment with a 78 square meter balcony and storage room on Revadim Street in the Arnona neighborhood was sold for NIS 3.57 million.

- A 100-square meter, four-room, first floor apartment with a storage room and two parking spaces on Massuat Yitzhak St. in the Arnona neighborhood was sold for NIS 2.95 million.

- A 108-square meter, four-room, fourth floor garden apartment with a 400-square meter garden, storage room, elevator and two parking spaces on Kurtz St. in the Arnona neighborhood was sold for NIS 4.38 million.

- A 110-square meter four-room, seventh floor apartment with a 21-sq.m. balcony, 5.5-square meter storage room, elevator and parking on Avner Gershon St. in the Arnona neighborhood was sold for NIS 2.1 million.

All four properties referenced here were listed as sold on

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