Baka Real Estate Prices: Key details from 2022

Average price of an apartment in Baka: 2,512,500 Shekels (Was 2,260,000 Shekels in 2021).

Average monthly rental for an apartment in Baka: 5,500 Shekels (5,625 Shekels in 2021).

Number of apartments sold in Baka in 2021: 80 (88 in 2021)

Average price per meter in Baka: 34,800 Shekels (28,300 Shekels in 2021)

(Key data above via Madlan.)

Baka: Leading the way with high real estate prices

Property prices in Baka are amongst the most expensive in Jerusalem, and in Israel.

Baka has for many years lead the way in high real estate prices, as compared to the average in the city and country as a whole.

There is a good reason why Baka is so popular with Israelis and Olim combined.

The Baka neighborhood is very quiet but is close to commercial districts and within walking distance are pretty much all the shops you could possibly need.

Derech Bet Lehem and Emek Refaim’s close proximity mean that a resident of Baka is near to all possible amenities.

One of the most desirable places to live in Jerusalem

Ultimately though, it is the neighborhood itself that has pushed real estate prices up. It is not hard to fall in love with many of the properties in Baka, with so many of them holding architectural value and plenty of which are designated for preservation.

Baka has also emerged as a clean area, with a good feeling of community and plenty of kindergartens to ensure it ticks a lot of boxes for old and young alike.

So we can safely say that over the last two decades, Baka has emerged as one of the most desirable places to live in Israel and Jerusalem.

This has seen plenty of improvement in the real estate prices of property in Baka.

With so many Jews, many of whom are religious, keen on living in Baka, we do not expect this to change any time soon.

Baka property prices - 2023 - price guide

* Pricing is in shekel per meter

* All pricing is approximate

* Prices are based off current market understanding

Second hand - needs renovation - 40K+

Second hand - modern - 50K+

New builds - 60K+

Premium - 65K+

Four properties sold in Baka in 2022

Examples are listed below of four properties sold in Baka during the calendar year of 2022:

- In November 2022, a Baka property in the Hamesila Project was sold for 8.35 million Shekels. This third-floor apartment has four rooms, and at 130 metres, comes out to 64,230 Shekels per meter.

- Also in November 2022, a Baka property on Naftali Street was sold for 2.91 million Shekels. This third-floor apartment has four rooms, in a building built in 1970. At 45 meters, it comes out at 64,666 Shekels per meter.

- In October 2022, a Baka apartment on Yehuda Street was sold for 3.45 million Shekels. This four-room apartment on the first floor, in a building built in 1999, is 42 square metres and pans out at 82,142 Shekels per meter.

- In September 2022, a Baka apartment in the Hamesila Project was sold for 8.15 million Shekels. It is a four-room apartment on the fourth floor and comes out to 64,682 metres.

(All four properties listed here, sold in 2022, can be seen on the Madlan website.) 

Four properties sold in Baka in 2021

Detailed below are four properties sold in Baka during the calendar year of 2021.

These were all significant purchases and illustrates how Baka is simply one of the most expensive areas in Jerusalem. Comparable with the German Colony and Rechavia, Baka costs a fair buck.

There is so much going for Baka that continued real estate price rises feel inevitable.

- A 211 square meter, six-room, third floor penthouse apartment, private roof with swimming pool, storage room and two parking spaces on Dina Street in Baka was sold for NIS 13.37 million.

- A 65 square meter, three-room, first floor apartment with a balcony on Ben Yafune St. in the Baka neighborhood was sold for NIS 2.5 million.

- A 140 square meter, five-room, first floor apartment in the Hamesila Project in Baka was sold for NIS 7.65 million.

- A 119 square meter, four-room, 16th floor, of 27, apartment in the Bustan Baka Project in Bala was sold for NIS 5.98 million. The first two apartments were listed on Globes, the third and fourth were listed on Madlan.


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