Old Katamon Real Estate Prices: Key data from 2021

Average price of an apartment in Old Katamon: 2,292,500 Shekels

Average monthly rental for an apartment in the German Colony: 5,700 Shekels

Percentage of over 65s in Old Katamon: 20%

Percentage of rental properties in Old Katamon: 45%

Number of apartments sold in Old Katamon in 2021: Unavailable on Madlan

Average price per meter in Old Katamon: Unavailable on Madlan

(Details above via Madlan.)

Old Katamon: Another popular area of west Jerusalem

Old Katamon is a quiet and established neighborhood.

There are a large number of Olim in Old Katamon and it remains a very popular area to buy property amongst those arriving from abroad.

The majority of the residents of Old Katamon are from the national religious sector. Old Katamon also contains secular and ultra-orthodox Jews as well.

Besides foreign residents, Old Katamon also boasts a high amount of academics as well.

The most popular apartments by far in Old Katamon, are three room (38%), then comes four-room apartments (19%).

According to the Madlan website, 51% of residents of Old Katamon have at least one degree.

Four properties sold in Old Katamon in 2021

To illustrate the sort of prices you would be paying for a home in Old Katamon, here are four examples from 2021. 

- A 300 square meter, 5.5-room, 12th floor apartment with an elevator and parking on Elroi Street in Old Katamon was sold for NIS 9.4 million.

- A 150 square meter, 5.5-room, second floor apartment with a 24 square meter balcony, elevator but no parking in a preserved 100-year old building in Kovshei Katamon Street in Old Katamon was sold for NIS 4.7 million.

- A 138-sq.m. four-room, second floor apartment with a balcony, elevator and parking on Rachel Imenu St. in Old Katamon was sold for NIS 4.45 million.

(The three examples above are from Globes.)

- A 5-room, 230-square meter apartment on the first floor of four, in the Jerusalem Theatre Project was sold for NIS 15,184,899. This works out at 66,021 Shekels per meter. (This example is from Madlan.)


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