Talbiya Real Estate Prices: Key data from 2022

Average price of an apartment in Talbiya: 3,150,000 Shekels (Was 2,880,000 Shekels in 2021)

Average monthly rental for an apartment in Talbiya: 7,950 Shekels (Was 6,600 Shekels in 2021)

Percentage of over 65s in Talbiya: 30%

Percentage of rental properties in Talbiya: 51%

Number of apartments sold in Talbiya in 2022: Unavailable on Madlan

Average price per meter in Talbiya: Unavailable on Madlan

(Key details above via Madlan.)

Talbiya: One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Jerusalem

Talbiya is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The real estate prices reflect this.

One of the reasons why Talbiya is amongst the most expensive places to live in all of Jerusalem is down to the Arab houses that characterize it and its proximity to the city center.

Talbiya is made up of an established adult population, foreigners (olim and visitors) as well as students.

Many apartments in Talbiya have left the long-term rental market and are available on a short-term lease. This trend has even continued during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Will Church Land properties change the Talbiya property price dynamic?

Much like Rehavia and the German Colony, there are also plenty of properties that are Church Land in Talbiya. In the coming decades, this could well see the Church Land properties come down in price.

This is not a guarantee though as this issue is far from certain how it will be resolved. With high-rise construction not allowed in Talbiya, there are a number of Tama 38 projects.

Dozens of buildings in the neighborhood have received "preservation" status from the municipality because of a historic or architectural design, which places many restrictions on the changes and extensions that can be made specifically - but studies show that it also increases their value in the long run.

Apart from that, the entire neighborhood is defined in an urban policy screen as the "historic city area", so that the restriction on the additional floors allowed in the area - even in cases of Tama 38 - is even stricter, in order to preserve its unique character.

Talbiya property prices - 2023 - price guide

* Pricing is in shekel per meter

* All pricing is approximate

* Prices are based off current market understanding

Second hand - needs renovation - 50K+

Second hand - modern - 55K+

New builds - 65K+

Premium - 80K+

Four properties sold in Talbiya in 2022

Here are four properties sold in Talbiya in the last calendar year...

- In October 2022, a 100-meter apartment on Yehuda Halevi street was sold for 7.4 million Shekels. This was in a 2014 building on the second floor, with four rooms.

- In September 2022, a 135-square meter apartment in the King David's Crown, was sold for 8.1 million Shekels. On the sixth floor of a 2020 building, this flat has five rooms.

- Also in September 2022, a 152-square apartment in the King David's Residence was sold for 13.91 million Shekels.

- In March 2022, a 149-square meter apartment in the King David's Crown, was sold for 8.5 million Shekels. It is a five-room apartment on the seventh floor of a 2020 building.

Four properties sold in Talbiya in 2021

To gain some understanding of the type of property prices you can expect in Talbiya, here are four examples of completed real estate deals from 2021.

It seems likely that these properties are a reasonable guide to the real estate prices that you can expect in Talbiya into 2022 and beyond.

- A 89 square meter, three room, third floor apartment with a balcony, 22 square meter storage room but no parking on Jabotinsky Street in Talbiya was sold for NIS 2.08 million.

- A 170 square meter five-room, third floor apartment with a 45 square meter balcony, elevator and parking on David Marcus St. in Talbieh was sold for NIS 8.45 million.

(The first two properties here were sourced via Globes.)

- A 6-room, 198 square meter apartment on the first floor of five, on Rechov Dubnov was sold for 20,470,000 million Shekels. This comes to 103,983 Shekels per meter.

- A 4-room, 137 square meter apartment in the King David's Crown Project on Rechov Yafo, on floor 25 of 27, was sold for 6,205,000 million Shekels. This comes to 45,291 Shekels per meter.

(The second two properties were sourced from Madlan.)


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