Jerusalem Wine Festival 2018
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The Jerusalem Wine Festival 2018

The Jerusalem Wine Festival at the Israel Museum is one of the highlights of the social calendar in Jerusalem. It lasts for an entire week in the sculpture garden of the Israel Museum, and as an added perk, during the festival, you're ticket also includes entrance to the museum, but why would you want to do that when there’s all that wine to taste? 

How does it work?

On arrival, you will pass through the Israel Museum’s security station and be directed towards the sculpture garden. Just before you get to the festival there will be a large desk where they will trade your entry ticket for a wine glass.

This is your only glass for the night, so keep good hold of it!

After that, it’s up to you to wander round the stands and ask to taste the wines that you are interested in. The wines are free, but don’t expect to be poured any full glasses - you’ll only be given a taster of each wine, but you can go back as many times as you want as long as they still have enough bottles of the wine.

A useful bit of hebrew to know on the night is ‘Efshar Li’tom’ which translates to ‘Can I have a taste?’

What is the Jerusalem Wine Festival?

This is the 15th year of the Jerusalem Wine Festival, and it’s become somewhat of an institution. Each summer, dozens of Israeli wineries and distilleries, along with a select number of foreign companies set up their stands in the sculpture garden of the Israel Museum.

It’s a beautiful location, and the timing of the event means that you’ll usually be able to catch a sunset there. As well as the wines, there are a number of food stands (usually no meat options though) and each night, there’s a stage with live music. If you get bored of tasting the wines or your curiosity piques you, then you are also able to take a wander around the museum as part of your entry fee.


Order tickets online - Israel Museum Ticket Page