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Hope everyone is having a lovely Succot and enjoying Succot break! This is our newsletter hope you enjoy it!

Purchasing Property - Ask Us Anything

As many of you know, we run these very helpful seminars on the topic of “Purchasing Property in Israel” to educate people on buying in Israel. If you think of a specific community or area one of these would be of assistance please be in touch with us.

Deal of the Week

3 bedroom penthouse apartment in a renovated new building in Baka. The apartment’s size is 101 sqm with 3 large balconies facing amazing views!

The asking price is 2,950,000 nis (approximately $840,000). The seller really wants to sell so come see the apartment and make an offer!

Click on the link to see the property on our website: https://capitil.com/projects/rivka/rivka-rv001.html

Luxury Listing of the Week

170 sqm brand new penthouse apartment.

50 sqm balcony designed to your needs with private parking. It will be ready in approximately 18 months.

The asking price is 6,450,000 NIS (approximately $1,840,000).

Click on the link to see the property on our website: https://capitil.com/projects/ben-yefune/by009

Piece of History

Click on the link to see the property on our website: https://capitil.com/neighbourhoods/jerusalem/piece-of-history-in-baka.html

Rental Property of the Week

Brand new 4 rooms apartment with succa balcony and Shabbat elevator. Fully furnished and available from the beginning of the new calendar year. The apartment is perfect for a family that is making an Aliya!

The asking price is 8,000 NIS (approximately $2280) per month.

Please be in touch if you are searching to buy in Jerusalem we have access to hundreds of properties - please also feel free to browse our listings on our website.

Wishing everyone a Hag Sameah!

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