HaLamed Hei 9

Katamon, Jerusalem
122 M2 4

For Sale: Beautifully renovated property in the heart of Old Katamon

Explore this beautifully renovated 4-bedroom property in the heart of Old Katamon, offering 1,315 sqft of spacious living. Enjoy the convenience of shared parking while taking in the charming neighborhood atmosphere from your Sukkah balcony. This meticulously updated home combines modern comforts with classic character, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Asking Price: 5,190,000 NIS

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Old Katamon

Old Katamon may have ‘found fame’ in the Israeli TV show Srugim (focused on the orthodox dating world), but is in reality an old neighbourhood of Jerusalem. Home to a large Anglo community, Old Katamon is a mainly residential area, with not too many attractions or shops located within it’s confines, however, it remains close to many of Jerusalem’s amenities and is only half an hour’s walk from the city centre and the Old City.

There can be some confusion as to what area of Jerusalem that Katamon refers to. Old Katamon is what many anglos might refer to as Katamon, while Katamonim is a set of neighbourhoods that have expanded out of the original.

Officially referred to as “Gonnenim”, Katamonim consists of a number of smaller areas; Aleph to Tet (notable amongst these; Hey is known as San Simon, Zayin is known as Pat); these subdivisions are numbered based on the dates of their establishment.

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  • Property ID:HH9
  • Location:Jerusalem
  • Type:apartment
  • Price:5,190,000
  • Size:122 m2
  • Bedrooms:4
  • Bathrooms:0
  • Car parking:0

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